Florence Sauces and condiments pasta cooking class

Florence Sauces and condiments pasta cooking class

The chef Vary Florence Sauces and condiments pasta cooking class will show you and explain the first steps to move into the kitchen and then the basic rules to prepare a pasta dish, or a condiment, or a sauce. Making pasta is an art. A few simple secrets to easily prepare one of the most classic Italian traditions. How to knead it, how to make the fountain without the egg go anywhere, so that it can be rested and then how to spread it, by rolling pin or by machine, how to cut it by hand. The fresh pasta represents a splendid synthesis of manual skills, genuine and natural ingredients and a secular tradition that characterizes our cuisine. We offer you a total immersion in the tradition and in the Italian gastronomic culture, a unique experience to understand how to prepare and cook one of the most typical products of our gastronomic culture: the fresh pasta. No specific competence is required but only the desire to be guided by the chef Vary and share a new experience with other people. The fresh pasta is one of the specialities of Italian cuisine. If you are curious to learn how to prepare it, this is the course for you.

We don't do just fresh pasta ....

we do the PASTA because we're Pasta artisans

A fun day full immersion in Tuscan flavors: from wine to the art of homemade pasta. The day will spend in a joyful family atmosphere, between a cooking course of fresh pasta and a wine tasting awaiting the convivial dinner.

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