Florence Hand-on cooking pasta class and course

Florence Hand-on cooking pasta class and course

Nowadays, they are in a few to make pasta in the house, although the modern kneading machines or machine to spread it and cut it have given a new stimulus to the homemade production of this food so simple, but tasty and perfect for any kind of Condiment and size. Making fresh pasta in the house is an ancient art: from the roll-up with the rolling pin, gold threads such as noodles or noodles, filled caskets such as ravioli or tortellini and the timeless lasagna are made. Preparing fresh egg pasta is always a moment of great satisfaction, for two reasons: the first, because in making it, the dough, you relax more than in an hour of gym, the second, because the result increases our self-esteem more than a session from Psychoanalyst. Fresh pasta: The whole world knows it, appreciates it and makes use of it. It has a very ancient origin and is difficult to date. It is considered a typical Italian creature and over the centuries our Italian regions have helped to enrich their varieties. With a little flour and some egg you can prepare in a short time cutters, fettuccine, lasagne, chopped, quadrucci, butterflies,... genuine and tasty, to be seasoned to taste for first courses superlative. With homemade pasta It is possible to bring in the table forgotten flavors and inestimable value: An important cornerstone in the history of classic Italian cuisine wiyh our Florence Hand-on cooking pasta class and course.

We don't do just fresh pasta ....

we do the PASTA because we're Pasta artisans

The recipe of fresh pasta is one of those recipes to memorize and learn to do to perfection because it will solve a lot of situations leaving your diners open-mouthed by amazement.

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