Florence Private and professional pasta cooking class

Florence Private and professional pasta cooking class

How many know that until about ten years ago the dough was unthinkable in haute cuisine? Here is the revolution of an ingredient that from ordinary has become gourmet. Why boil it, not enough! Entrusted to the great professionalism, experience and love for the Florence private and professional pasta cooking class of the Chef Vary and his collaborator to organize an event in Florence truly unique and memorable. Our goal is to rediscover the ancient genuine flavors of the once and the pleasure of manuality. Making pasta is a work that engages body and mind, relaxes, involves all the senses and helps to express their creativity. You can choose from different experiences of one or more lessons: from homemade pasta to desserts. The only tool you have to bring will be your passion, to the rest we weigh. Immerse yourself in a dimension made of scents, colours and emotions, revealing the secrets of authentic and genuine Tuscan cuisine under the expert guidance of the Chef Vary, learning to prepare with your hands of excellent dishes. At the end of the cooking class, you can sit around a table together with the other participants to enjoy all the prepared dishes together. And once you come home, you'll be amazed by your friends with the fantastic recipes you've learned to cook!

We don't do just fresh pasta ....

we do the PASTA because we're Pasta artisans

Making pasta in the house is like making a little magic! You will be able to work with the rolling, but mainly with your hands, the best tools to create your "work of art".

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