Florence traditional italian pasta cooking class

Florence traditional italian pasta cooking class

Are you among those who think that cooking is a way to discover and unravel your personality? Well, we're in your opinion, too. This Florence traditional italian pasta cooking class allows you to learn how to create with flour, eggs and other ingredients the real fresh handmade pasta following the ancient Italian tradition. Under the expert guidance of the Chef Vary, we learn the technique of pasta processing, both with the rolling and with the use of the machine. A course for those who love the flavors of tradition and want to rediscover them by putting their hands in dough! Create, starting from the dough of the flour with the water, the different sizes of pasta and all strictly by hand! From basic doughs to simple pastes, all the basic tricks and preparations for making fresh homemade pasta. We will teach you the right ingredients and the best techniques to color your dough and to aromatize them so as to surprise your guests with incredible contrasts. So with your hands you will be able to produce the Pici ravioli, tagliatelle, spaghetti, crepes, cannelloni and much more.

We don't do just fresh pasta ....

we do the PASTA because we're Pasta artisans

Making the dough by hand engages body and mind, is a work that relaxes, involves all the senses, helps to express your creativity. Flour, eggs, table and rolling... are the simple ingredients and equipment to make the fresh handmade pasta. The Florence traditional italian pasta cooking class is open to everyone, because the idea we have is to share and prepare things together: Why do things yourself if you can do them in company?

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